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Finding a path to mental and psychical well-being is not a destination, it’s a journey. As a clinical psychologist I witness the benefits of  a healthy body and mind first hand.

To be able to guide my clients to healthier choices, I find it important to maintain a balanced lifestyle myself. Exploring the outdoors, practicing yoga and meditation, finding joy in travelling, photography and culinary pleasures have all taught me to be more present every day. With my help, you will be guided through sessions combining scientific methods and practices that worked for me. 


Do you need somebody who can accompany you on your path and help you to find new ways in order to cope with challenging situations? Learn more about the ways how I can help you!

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If you are ready to join to my journey then I am more than happy to share my thoughts, experiences, tips and tricks with you in topics like psychology, sport, travelling, lifestyle and gastronomy in order to find our path.

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